Law & biotechnology

Team Law & Biotechnology has initiated research on topics covered include bioethics and law of intellectual property. Issues brevetabilités and marketing were discussed. Legal issues related to the collection and use but also, and especially, the storage of cord blood stem cells has already been work that the team will deepen in the coming years. Research on issues of commercializing biotechnology research priority on par with the study of bioethical issues in the strict sense.

Furthermore, the Law Team & biotechnology is in contact with several laboratories around the law sciences and technical network. Specifically, it will work, with the help of students from Master 2 Health Law and biotechnology, the journal Cahiers Law, Science and Technology in 2009, drafting the section Summaries news.

Finally, the revision of the bioethics law and the implementation of the new provisions will be an exceptional variety of areas affected by the law studies occasion. The study of the development of the law, both in terms of content and methods, will be the focus of the scientific project team under the new science project.