Research Themes

  • Financing Law: new forms of financing (trust-law, new credit agreements…); new guarantees (guarantees on insurance, mortgages, trust by way of security…).
  • Law and Biotechnology: medical law, intellectual property, bioethics, ethics (medically-assisted procreation, human cloning, and rights for end of life patients …).
  • Human Rights and humanitarian law: fundamental rights, protection European and international protection of Human Rights, protection of Civilians in armed conflicts, international penal justice, rights of refugees.
  • Territorial government authorities Law and Economic Public Law: contracts of local authorities, urbanism, financing of public activity, competition and regulation.
  • Public and Private Litigation, change of judgement methods: evolution of judges and judicial function (constitutional, administrative, judicial, international, referee judges), overhaul of methods (priority preliminary rulings on constitutionality, alternative dispute resolution).