Droit et espace(s) public(s)

What relationship does the law have with the notion of “public space“? The question worth asking since the public space has been seized by the French legislature, as evidenced by the Act of 11 October 2010 prohibiting the concealment of the face in public space. This book brings together contributions from participants in the conference “Law and public(s) spaces(s)” organized by the Centre Léon Duguit, January 20 2012, in the University of Evry-Val d’Essone. It offers a global and cross approach of the notion of “public space” – singular or plural by bringing together public and private Lawyers lawyers around a common theme: is the public space today among the legal categories?

The Legal(s) definition(s) of public space also blur the line between what used to be respectively public and private. Are we currently assisting to the privatization of public space or apublicisation” of private space? One objective of this work is to locate the boundary between the two spaces, while questioning the consequences of the emergence in the law of the notion of “public space” on individual freedoms.

Olivia Bui-Xuan
Editeur : Institut Universitaire Varenne
Collection : Colloques & Essais
N° de série : 4
ISBN : 978-2-916606-81-1
204 pages – Parution : 01/2013